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To this day, Estrella Damm is brewed in Barcelona using the original 1876 recipe and 100% natural ingredients: barley malt, rice and hops.  The quality of our ingredients is of the utmost importance and as such, we work closely with local Mediterranean farmers and process our malt to the strictest standards in our own malt house: La Moravia. Estrella Damm’s yeast is unique and it is sorted under high security measures.

Ultimately, in our relentless search for quality we have not only kept our brown bottle, but have further darkened to provide 30% more protection against harmful light than the standard brown bottles, to ensure that you can enjoy the true, pure Mediterranean taste of Estrella Damm.


Aubrey Allen

Passionate about supporting the industry and education, Aubrey Allen not only run in-house butchery and meat science courses, they also sponsor events from the Roux scholarship to the BCF Chef of the Year. Aubrey Allen, a third generation family business, look after their staff and clients with old fashioned values and innovative ideas and systems.  The business was built on a commitment to sourcing, consistently, the best naturally fed and cared for meat, maturing on the bone in the proper way and creating inspiring cuts. Their Craftsmen are brought up through their in house Apprenticeship scheme; strive to be better today than yesterday is a beat that goes through the heart of all their team.

From English Earl Stonham Wagyu to farmhouse cheeses , Aubrey Allen’s reputation is as much for looking after clients as consistency; Aubrey Allen have long standing clients from the Roux family , to Raymond Blanc and Andreas Antona and whilst Aubrey Allen talk about working in partnership, their clients describe it as a real friendship.