Partner profiles

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is a public-private partnership between the State of Alaska and the Alaska seafood industry, established to foster economic development.
Home to over three million lakes, 34,000 miles of coastline and 3,000 rivers, abundant fish swim freely in Alaska’s waters. The wild fish of Alaska flourish in the cold, clean waters of the North Pacific and it is from this pristine environment that Alaska’s fish derive their unique taste and incomparable colour. From daily tastes such as frozen Alaska pollock and canned Alaska salmon, to vibrant sockeye salmon and black cod, Alaska seafood is delicious and incredibly versatile.
“In Alaska, the future of wild seafood stocks and the environment are more important than immediate opportunities for commercial harvest. Alaska’s fisheries are managed for the sustainable supply of seafood produced in Alaska’s waters as mandated in the state’s constitution. Every aspect of Alaska’s fisheries are strictly regulated, monitored, and rigidly enforced. Harvesters are dedicated to responsible catch methods and habitat protection initiatives to ensure they are not impacting the environment. Alaska fisheries are independently certified by both the Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management program and the Marine Stewardship Council.” – Michael Kohan, Technical Program Director, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute


Aubrey Allen

Passionate about supporting the industry and education, Aubrey Allen not only run in-house butchery and meat science courses, they also sponsor events from the Roux scholarship to the BCF Chef of the Year. Aubrey Allen, a third generation family business, look after their staff and clients with old fashioned values and innovative ideas and systems.  The business was built on a commitment to sourcing, consistently, the best naturally fed and cared for meat, maturing on the bone in the proper way and creating inspiring cuts. Their Craftsmen are brought up through their in house Apprenticeship scheme; strive to be better today than yesterday is a beat that goes through the heart of all their team.

From English Earl Stonham Wagyu to farmhouse cheeses , Aubrey Allen’s reputation is as much for looking after clients as consistency; Aubrey Allen have long standing clients from the Roux family , to Raymond Blanc and Andreas Antona and whilst Aubrey Allen talk about working in partnership, their clients describe it as a real friendship.



Estrella Damm

Brewed in Barcelona with Mediterranean ingredients since 1876

To this day, Estrella Damm is brewed in Barcelona using the original 1876 recipe and 100% natural ingredients: barley malt, rice and hops.  The quality of our ingredients is of the utmost importance and as such, we work closely with local Mediterranean farmers and process our malt to the strictest standards in our own malt house: La Moravia. Estrella Damm’s yeast is unique and it is sorted under high security measures.

Ultimately, in our relentless search for quality we have not only kept our brown bottle, but have further darkened to provide 30% more protection against harmful light than the standard brown bottles, to ensure that you can enjoy the true, pure Mediterranean taste of Estrella Damm.


Official suppliers



Our name comes from the Spanish word ‘brindis’, to raise one’s glass in a toast, and over the past 30 years we have celebrated the varied cultures, landscapes and, above all the exceptional foods of Spain.

In essence, the business is a tribute to the people who create the remarkable cheeses, hams, meats, fish, and a huge selection of other ingredients enjoyed across the UK.





At JING, we want to inspire the world to enjoy tea at its best.

We don’t just sell the world’s finest tea leaves, sourced directly from Asia’s most masterful growers; we show our customers how to get the best out of them with our expertise and tools. Our consultancy team can advise you on the ideal tea menu, teaware and perfectly controlled tea-making to delight guests with every cup.

We are the tea brand of choice for over 70 Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide. If you’re in hospitality and you want to improve your tea sales and guest experience, or if you’re a retailer wanting to offer the world’s finest teas and beautifully designed accessories, JING can help.


Northern Bloc

At Northern Bloc we create an innovative, 100% natural ice cream. An ice cream that’s both indulgent yet pure.
We are a team of ice cream fanatics – headed up by Directors, Josh, Dirk and Manolo for whom the pursuit of ice cream perfection is an everyday obsession.
With over 100 years of family history in traditional Italian ice cream making in his blood, Manolo, a true master, and world champion no less, continually seeks to create something better, something modern, something unique. Ice cream is a science and currently Manolo is driving forward the science of low sugars and plant based ice cream.
Our unique, all natural ice creams are made in Leeds, central to the Northern Powerhouse. A city full of energy, ideas and straight talking pioneers. Once termed in the industrial revolution as “the city that made everything” our urban environment continues to inspire us as we look to revolutionise the ice cream market one scoop at a time.



Solstice was born out of former Michelin star chef Philip Britten’s frustration at not being able to find a supplier capable of consistently providing the quality of produce that he needed to cook with. In 1999, he decided to focus his energies on Solstice, and since then the company has grown to become one of the City’s largest fresh food suppliers, servicing many of the most well-known and prestigious restaurants, hotels and private members clubs in London with quality produce seven days a week, (including bank holidays).

Our passion at Solstice is about selecting the finest ingredients. We source predominantly from our own growers across the UK, Italy, France and Spain, priding ourselves on delivering the highest quality fruits and vegetables available from around the world to our customers’ kitchens within hours of orders being placed. Such emphatic sourcing means that the client can relax in the knowledge that the essential groundwork has been done and that the products delivered will be unmatched in quality and freshness.
Without doubt, our key aim is to provide our customers’ access to the highest quality food with incomparable flavour. That is our philosophy; that is our commitment – to return to the roots of real food.