Central themes for 2018 will be around forthcoming trends, challenges, opportunities and CSR. The event will shine a light on best practice, from restaurants that seek to eliminate food waste through to those that put staff well-being at the very heart of their business.

Interactive panel discussions will be an important part of the day, with some of the biggest names in the industry discussing key issues including staffing, ingredient sourcing and the ongoing casualisation of the restaurant experience.

2018 Agenda

10.00 – Registration

10.30 – Welcome

Stefan Chomka, editor, Restaurant magazine

10.35 – Waste not, want not. How to tackle food waste

Skye Gyngell, chef, Spring Restaurant

The Spring chef on why she introduced her cooking with scraps ‘scratch menu’ and why banishing plastic straws is just the start of her campaign against the material.

10.55 – Can my high-end French restaurant go vegan?

Alexis Gauthier, chef-patron, Gauthier Soho

The Gauthier Soho chef-patron on whether veganism and classic French food could ever go hand in hand in the future.

11.15 – Building a modern bistro business

Gary Usher, owner, Burnt Truffle, Hispi, Pinion, Sticky Walnut & Wreckfish

The owner of neighbourhood bistros Sticky Walnut, Hispi, Wreckfish, Burnt Truffle and recently crowdfunded Pinion on how he has built a growing business with help from crowdfunding and social media and what’s next.

11.35 – Why front of house need stages too

Emma Underwood, restaurant manager, Stem

How The Switch project is giving waiters, managers, bartenders and sommeliers a chance to learn from their peers.

11.55 – Growing the exotic in the UK

Ben Chapman, founder, The Smoking Goat & Kiln & Luke Farrell, founder, Ryewater Nurseries

The Smoking Goat and Kiln founder and his Dorset-based supplier discuss the lengths they have gone to grow exotic ingredients for the restaurant.

12.15 – Live demo – Why wild?

Adam Reid, chef patron, The French & UK brand ambassador, Alaska Seafood

Adam will be cooking wild Alaska sockeye salmon and will be discussing the reasons why ‘wild’ means ‘sustainable’.

12.30 – Lunch

13.15 – Live demo – Surf and turf, Basque style & Pluma tartar, Jamón & Piparra

José Pizarro, chef, José Tapas Bar, José Pizarro & Pizarro Restaurant & Montgomery Alexander Aguiló Wray, executive chef

The Jose Pizarro Group chefs will demonstrate their mar y montana (land and sea) dish, Iberian pork tail and native lobster.

13.30 – Going solo – running a kitchen single handedly

The highs and lows, opportunities and challenges that running a kitchen on your own can bring, as told by two seasoned soloists.

13.55 – Exploring West African cuisine

Jeremy Chan, founder, Ikoyi

The founder of Ikoyi on working with West African Ingredients to create new cuisine and the limits on creativity in an age of hyper definition.

14.15 – A light in the darkness: dealing with addiction and depression

Andrew Clarke, chef, Brunswick House

The Brunswick House chef on The Pilot Light Campaign, which he has launched to get people talking about mental health.

14.35 – The successful autodidacts: The life of a self-taught chef

Two of the UK’s top chefs on how they have come to run some of the most acclaimed kitchens in the country despite having no classical training.

15.00 – Close

*Agenda subject to change

This event is FREE to attend for those working within a Restaurant, Pub, Hotel or Catering business.  

Limited supplier spaces available at £195 + VAT.

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