Alexis Gauthier

Alexis Gauthier is a classically trained Michelin-starred chef from Avignon, France, who has been a restaurateur in London since the mid 90s.

Alexis’ history with vegetables is well documented, first creating a plant-focused ‘garden menu’ back in 1997 at his restaurant Roussillon, at a time when vegetables in British restaurants did not get as much attention as they do today. It quickly became a hit and has remained on his menus ever since. After sensing the move towards a more plant focused diner, Alexis wrote his book Vegetronic which spoke directly to a more ‘plant-curious’ demographic.

Opening Gauthier Soho in 2010, Alexis knew from the very beginning that vegetables would be a main focus, and made his vegetable menu stand shoulder to shoulder with the classic gout du jour menu.

A personal decision to turn vegan himself in 2016 surprised a few people, but Alexis has made it his mission to bring vegan food into the forefront of restaurant experience by concentrating the kitchen’s focus on creativity with plants.

The vegan tasting menu now often outsells the regular tasting menu.